My experience using a 27-inch monitor as a web developer — Dell 2721DS

So many reviewers reviewing monitors from a design or gaming perspective. Not many reviewers talk from a developer perspective. Even so, most reviewers review high-end monitors where It doesn’t meet my budget expectation.

I have researched for almost 2 weeks to decide which one is worth buying and fits my budget and needs. And I would love to share what lessons I got when deciding to buy the monitor and the reality I faced after I bought the monitor.

Dell 27 inc monitor worth of every penny — 2721DS

Where have I been all this time? Working in 27 inches is the best working experience I have ever felt. I have been working remotely since 2010 as Software Engineer on a 13inch monitor, and I totally regret not having a 27-inch monitor in the beginning. A bigger monitor boosts my productivity because it's easy to multitask even my mood is boosted.

MacBook Pro 13 inch display is poor.

This was the hardest consideration before I decided to buy a monitor, and I was scared if the monitor was not good and comfortable as my MacBook pro 13 inc monitor. But I was wrong because after using the Dell 27 inch monitor for a couple of hours, I can say the MacBook pro 13 inc monitor is poor! It felt like I was working on the mobile tab (too small). Since then, I am no longer working on my MacBook Pro monitor. 🤣

You might don’t need 4K.

This is also one of the features that wasted my time to decide whether I wanted to buy the 4k or QHD.

In fact that most of the video I have watched especially on youtube does not support 1440p (QHD) or even 4k. Most of them are still 1080p (Full HD) or less, and the experience watching on it isn't pleasant because it's blurry to see on a 27-inch monitor.

I have tried watching a video on 4K, but my internet connection doesn’t really good to stream it.

I have also tried my friend Dell 4k monitor U2720q, and I didn’t find the difference between them. It looks the same to me.

In the end, I found that 1440p is enough and looks good to me. I’m happy because I can save money by not buying the 4k monitor.

But If you are considering have a 4K Monitor, you could see Philips 278e1a or ThinkVision T27p-10.

You don’t really need color accuracy.

In the end, I found myself using ComfortView preset mode from dell most of the time, where it's actually the best preset that is comfortable for my eyes to see the monitor for a couple of hours. I sometimes use the standard color when designing with, and I also use movie preset to watch Netflix. But for coding and browsing, reading an article, I keep the ComfortView.

Type-C built-in feature?

At first, I consider having a monitor with type-C built-in as power and display for clean desk purposes. But after watching many reviewers, I think it’s not worth having built-in Type-C for an extra cost of around $100–$150, and most of them are less than 45W, which MacBook pro charger is about 60W.

So I bought the Type-C to Display Port from CHOETECH and Power Delivery from Aukey Charger PA-B3 + Aukey Cable CB-CD19, which cost me only around IDR 684,000 ($47.90)

Even So, I can still have a clean desk setup just by having cable management.

Speakers and built-in jack on the monitor?

For my monitor dell 2721DS, the speaker is just so so, and when I plug the headset jack in, I think the audio processing is quite bad compared with the MacBook pro audio jack-in. It might be because the audio follows the monitor preset. So I rather use a built-in jack MacBook pro. Speaker and built-in jack are not useful for me as a Musicophile.

Ergonomic stand or brackets?

The ergonomic stand suits me best for its up, down, left-right movement. When using an ergonomic chair, often you’d have to rearrange the monitor angle (as you’d fix a car's rear-view mirror before driving). This happens mainly when you sit back down, and the position is slightly changed. I would adjust my monitor until I got the perfect angle and position to work.

If you want to save cost, the monitor with an ergonomic stand definitely worth buying. But, if the monitor you have targeted doesn’t have an ergonomic stand, then you can buy the bracket.

Other things?

Useful Website

I recommend going to if you want to compare your list of monitors. This site also helps me to see more about monitor specifications.

You could also see as they have a perfect explanation about the monitor specifications.

Table Desk

This might also be an issue that you need to consider when buying the monitor, I have done research about this, and I agree that the best size of the desk is about
Length: 120cm or 150cm
- Because you need to place your laptop too.
Width: 60cm
- You can get the best distance between monitor and eyes.
Height: 75cm
- I think with this position you won’t need to have a foot stand under the desk.

Mouse sensitivity

I found that sensitivity I use on the laptop over my mouse quite slow in a 27-inch monitor. Luckily I have a center top button on my mouse to adjust the sensitivity with one click.

MouseFix is a lifesaver!

Yes. as I mentioned in my previous article, the Mousefix let me use the side button of my mouse to move from space to space easily. It really boosts my productivity.

Magnet app

If you are a Mac user, you might need to consider buying this software So you can keep your workspace organized.

Wireless dongle delay Issues

I faced delayed issues when using a wireless dongle on a 27-inch monitor, I also tried to use Bluetooth 5.0 but still the same, and I think my mouse and keyboard were more responsive using the cable.

I think that's only I can share based on my experience. Would you mind commenting if I’m wrong?

Special thanks to GTID because I got a lot of insight from their video reviews, and it really helps me know what exactly monitor I need.



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